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Why your business needs an APP

Mobile Apps are now the market drivers. Smartphone sales have now overtaken PC sales. This means our capacity to sell based on what the customer is experiencing in life, is now boundless.

Why your business needs an app..
SSSAYY mobile app

They have even become household items at a rate that even puts the television, house phone and home computer to shame. It was expected to be 1 billion smartphone users by 2016, and is now up to around 2.3 billion users in mid 2017.  People are actually spending more time interfacing with mobile apps, than browsing the web. This means they are spending more time in their mind space, than in your space, if you don’t have an App that creates value.

Every business needs to provide value to its customers. After all, the more you interact with your customers, the more popular your business and product becomes and the more insight you develop about their needs and desires.




How can we help?

SSAYY Mobile APP Demo3We can simplify this transition and get you connected faster for less. You will be able to reach customers of any kind, in new and innovative ways, whilst keeping your customers engaged in ways that your website simply can’t! SSAYY app helps you Notify your customers of anything you wish by sending out push notifications. Having a mobile app will increase marketing effectiveness by enabling you to connect with new and old customers, giving quick access 24/7!

Owning a customised branded mobile app for your business is the most rewarding solution to give an edge over your competitors. There are a number of factors which can tighten your stronghold in this space – profiling the target audience, budget, features etc. that decide if the mobile app is suitable for your business or not.


What effect will a mobile app have on your business?

SSAYY apps will be much more effective than websites at finding new customers. 85% of business, don’t have a mobile app. This means that, by using SSAYY apps, you will be ahead of 85% of your competitors. SSAYY app is simple, affordable and fast. SSAYY app won’t just get you noticed, but will actually grow your business significantly. SSAYY can take any small to medium sized business to a whole other level!

This is why your business needs an app!

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