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Why businesses need EPOS

Running a business isn’t easy to say the least. Passion is what kick-starts every person’s dream. But during tough times, Pressure can easily start to overtake passion. All the little things start effecting you and your profits. And instead of loving what got you into business, you start to hate it. And that’s not good!

What if I told you that that there is a fool-proof way of making work-life a whole lot quicker and easier whilst drastically growing your business?


SSAYY all tablet-based EPOS system is a reliable, integrated management tool, with an unlimited number of devices! You no longer need to keep track of orders going back to tables, SSAYY EPOS does it all for you! Know what ingredients you’re using the most, what’s selling, and when you need to order stock! Know the margin you’re making on every plate that leaves the kitchen with our powerful data that can be checked from absolutely anywhere!

Modern Epos System

Bars and Restaurants

Bars and restaurants can be extremely hectic places. When it comes to serving customers, time is your most precious asset. A problem that continues to slow things down within bars and restaurants is the till system. Relying on ancient cash registers or PC-based till systems isn’t the way forward. What happens if the server crashes, or it simply decides to stop working? Your sales will be on hold until you get a technician to fix it. This could easily lead to your customers going else, because let’s be fair, nobody likes waiting around. SSAYY EPOS is cloud-based, which means that even if your server crashed, business would still continue.

ssayy epos demo picture


Similar to bars and restaurants, it is becoming a necessity for these industries to have a good EPOS system. Within the wholesale industry, it can be very difficult to keep up with your transactions as well as hard to know your best sellers are. This is the sort of thing that can easily turn passion into stress and make you forget why you started your own business in the first place.

Our EPOS does all the hard work for you! It becomes easy to keep up with transactions, reporting, inventory and security whilst having more free time. Manage your business from anywhere in the world! It’s a win for any business! So, you can keep the passion that kick started your business!

“Always connected, always in control”

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