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What is an App?

Everyone has one. Everyone has their favourite, or least favourite one. But what is an app and why are they so valuable to our modern society? The definition for an app is simply ‘an application downloaded to a person’s mobile’ but, in reality, they are much more than this.

What is an app?

Apps allow us to stay connected to loved ones and reconnect with friends through Facebook Messenger for example. At the click of a button, we are instantly in contact with people across the globe – perhaps even some people we don’t know. With the rise of apps such as Bumble, now even total strangers can become connected, which can be a scary thought. However, these apps have proven life-changing for many people by allowing them to meet new people, friends, and even partners. Apps allow us to reach out into the world, reconnect and stay connected to both new and familiar people.

Apps have become a way of life for some young people especially, earning their wages using platforms such as Instagram and Youtube to become “internet famous” and, therefore, generate the apps and themselves money. These people depend on apps for their livelihood – whether it be posting photos on Instagram or videos on Youtube, their career was kick-started by an app.  Followers across the world have access to their favourite internet stars 24 hours a day 7 days a week at the touch of a finger, which is what makes these digital portals so successful.

The way apps allow us to escape into different worlds is also such an important part of their function. Games downloaded to a phone let us be drawn into that world and escape our surroundings. Gaming apps become an addictive and fulfilling experience for many as they set endless tasks and allow you to complete multiple levels that mean you can never truly finish the game. Not only gaming apps, however, but music apps such as Spotify or Apple Music also provide escapism for the listener; the screaming baby on the bus, the traffic along the A27 at rush hour, the stress of getting ready for a night out. Whatever the reason, apps provide us with entertainment and a sense of escape that has become central to our hectic modern life.

Their versatility and flexibility is what makes the app so fundamental to our society. An app can be molded into whatever form it needs to take and the variety on offer is so diverse. Apple’s registered trademark “there’s an app for that” slogan could not be truer in today’s Western culture as bus times, plane tickets, potential partners, old friends and new worlds have all become at the tips of our fingers.

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