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Problems in the nursery industry – SOLVED BY SSAYY

SSAYY nurseryOne of the most important things a nursery should consider is keeping parents and staff connected, but there are problems in the nursery industry with this. What do you do when I child is sick, or when you need to notify staff of something? Call up? Email? How long will it take for you to get hold of them?


What if you could just send out a push notification from your smartphone and have everyone notified instantly?

SSAYY Nursery apps can do this for you in seconds!


The average person spends over two hours a day on their phone, and you need to be where they’re looking! There would be fewer problems in the nursery industry if you could be instantly connected to your staff and the parents of your nursery children.


Good time-keeping is an absolute necessity when it comes too running a nursery. How are you keeping track of your staff?


With the SSAYY time module, the concept is simple. When your staff arrive, they clock in, and when they leave, they clock out from their smartphone. With this solution, you will be able to see where they clock in/out from and the exact time they do it. Always connected, always in control.


Similarly, keeping a healthy schedule can be difficult. SSAYY  calender booking is a 24 – hour booking system that enables you to take online, phone and walk-in bookings in real-time, with automatic or manual confirmation. There is unlimited amount of customers, with an unlimited amount of bookings can be managed from anywhere, at any time.


As a nursery, it is extremely important to keep everyone close, and updated. SSAYY Solutions brings you intelligent, cutting edge technology to make this easier than ever before.

SSAYY can solve your most common problems in the nursery industry!

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