We are a provider of innovating software solutions, enabling small to medium businesses access to the latest technology and marketing tools. Our cloud-based modular systems can be tailored to your individual needs, in order to create opportunities for businesses to grow.
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Good culture within a company isn’t just about quirky offices and perks. It is all about the conscience of the company itself. Here at SSAYY, we focus on general abundance, growth and happiness. This is what makes us excel!

SSAYY was established during 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by the name of TillsPlus Ltd, Providing EPOS till systems. Having gained some international presence, and emerging in 2017 as ‘SSAYY’, we have become a lot more than just a till provider.

Here at SSAYY, we understand the importance of finding a day to day routine that works. That is why we are dedicated to matching our affordable, user-friendly, brand enhancing software solutions to each and every one of our clients. We have the power to offer the world of business it’s sought after supply.