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8 ways to market your app

So you find yourself with a new company app, but then you think “How am I going to market this and make sure my customers know that I have it?” Well, luckily for you, SSAYY have put together 8 handy ways that you can market your new app and promote your business with minimal effort!

Word of Mouth

Do you or your staff see your customers face to face? Talk to them on the phone? The first and best way to promote your new app is by bringing it up in conversation! It’s a chance to show off that you are forward thinking and wanting to develop in a fast-paced environment. Your customer can get engaged in a conversation with you and you can slide in a sale on another product, it’s all about the personal touch.

Social Media

Oh yes, you guessed that this one was going to be up here hey? Well, it is rightly so. This excellent marketing tool that costs nothing to use is your strongest tool to get in-front of those customers you don’t see on a regular basis, the potential customers you want to entice and of course if any of your sneak competitors are watching, it gives you the chance to show off! ‘What’s that you say? Your business doesn’t have an app?’ Well, that’s what we are here for!

Email Campaign

Oh, you knew that email database of your customers, you‘ve been collecting for years was going to come in handy one day! Well, today is that day…

Send out a snazzy email and get in the inbox of your customers, old and new! You can put a direct download link on the email and it gives you the chance to pop on any special offers and start chatting with your customers. We recommend MailChimp for nice html layouts but if you think that is a bit too hard, we can provide you with a SSAYY branded one for you to forward and personalise for free.

Old-fashioned Postal Service

Ok, so the above methods aren’t your style. How about pulling out the address book and doing a mail campaign? You can pop it all in a letter or stand out with postcards. We know how daunting it can be to design such things, so talk to our team and we can pop a design together for you, with QR codes ready to download your app!

Window Stickers

So, your business is closed or your van locked up. There is no-one around for people to talk to. Stick a sticker in the window with a QR code on and promote the fact they can get the information they need from your app! Opening times, menus, even a booking module!


Your website is the perfect way to get your customers to notice your shiny new app, as well as it being a way to entice customers to your website. “Download our app straight from our website, and, whilst you’re there, check out our amazing deals and menu!” etc. etc. Using your website to promote your app or vice versa is a sure-fire way to kill two birds with one stone: generate a customer flow online and downloads for your app.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content does cost money but, used correctly, can be extremely useful to a developing business. The key is to create something that users will find enjoyable to read or see, but that has your marketing embedded within. You don’t want to bombard your customers with hard sales; it should feel like a genuine piece of content and provide value for readers. This way you build your name recognition and your brand noticed. It’s win a win-win situation!

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are another fantastic way to generate capital and raise your company’s awareness. Especially on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, sponsored ads are increasingly becoming more common and successful. 2.46 billion people worldwide use social media making it the biggest platform for advertising your company – and it’s only a few clicks away!

You could even advertise the fact you have a new app available downloadable from your website, now isn’t that clever?

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