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5 Ways For Businesses To Maximise Profits Over The Festive Season

There’s gifts to buy, cards to send and parties to host… December is a stressful month, especially for a business owner; your responsibilities don’t end with the Christmas stockings being filled up.

But we’re here to remind you that it’s an exciting month, as well, one that’s stuffed better than the turkey with opportunities! Here are 5 ways for you to maximise your profits over the season, so you can enjoy the festivities and still have a little left in your pocket when it’s all over.

Christmas Deals

Money is always a stressful factor in Christmas shopping. Take some of that burden off people and they will flock to you. A great way to do this is to give customers more value for their money and offer a deal on products and/or services. This is the time when people will be looking for them, so be sure to use all your marketing channels to put the word out.  

Christmas Spirit

This is an easy one: If you want to profit off Christmas, you have to get into the Christmas spirit! Set up the right atmosphere and it will bring the customers to you. People like to be involved and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to bring us together. As a business, you can build and strengthen relationships, with just a small investment into some lights and Christmas music.  

Online Shopping

Modern technology has changed the way we go about our Christmas shopping, which is something we want to talk about in detail next week. For now, we want to focus on how you can use it to your own advantage: and that’s Ecommerce, the revolution that is shopping online.


While some still prefer to browse the high street, around 42% of people in the UK will do a portion of their Christmas shopping online. It’s convenient, simple and people like anything that can be done in the comfort of their own home. By making your products available online, your customers will appreciate the option to skip the queue.  

Support A Charity

They say that Christmas is a time for giving and we’re on the topic of maximising profits. But what if we could do both? Select a charity of your choice and support them by having a  percentage of every sold product donated to them. A sign of a successful business is a nurtured relationship with its customers and communityBy taking this step, your customers are receiving an important message: by buying, they are giving.  

Competition Time

There is nothing like a traditional Christmas raffle to get people buzzing. Get customers engaged with you and your business with some fun by hosting a raffle or competition. The entry can be conditional on a certain purchase or an amount spent, which gives your customers incentive to buy. What’s more, you could make an event out of it and invite them to attend. 

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